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Hi everyone, sorry late on the newsletter. Co-hosting a workshop on the use of digital tools for the policing of peaceful assemblies. Hope to have this ready to submit to Human Rights Council in March.

This means this week has been hectic, so just pasting this weeks stories below. Thanks as ever to Sarah Zarmsky.

Leaving you with Blame by Gabriels.

The Times of Israel, IDF soldiers fend off nighttime Hamas ambush, as battalion commander killed in Gaza 

WIRED, The UN Hired an AI Company to Untangle the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis 

Covington, Biden Administration Releases Artificial Intelligence Executive Order 

The Guardian, WhatsApp’s AI shows gun-wielding children when prompted with ‘Palestine’ 

TechStory, Scarlett Johansson Takes Legal Action Against AI App for Unauthorized Likeness Use  

The White House, Remarks by Vice President Harris on the Future of Artificial Intelligence 

The Sun, Artificial Intelligence: Government to establish clear framework to protect human rights

GRC World Forums, UK unveils world’s first AI safety institute

Digiday, Biden’s new executive order marks another inflection point for AI and data privacy 

Agility PR, Generation Privacy: As security concerns amp up in the AI age, younger consumers are 7 times more likely to exercise their data rights

Forbes, Considerations For Approaching AI In The Right Way

AI News, Microsoft and Siemens revolutionise industry with AI-powered Copilot      

Quartz, The Beatles new song “Now and Then” used AI to lift out John Lennon’s voice

MIT Technology Review, People shouldn’t pay such a high price for calling out AI harms 

The New York Times At UK Summit, Global Leaders Warn AI Could Cause ‘Catastrophic’ Harm  

AI News, Dell, Intel and University of Cambridge deploy the UK’s fastest AI supercomputer

The New York Times, News Group Says A.I. Chatbots Heavily Rely on News Content 

UN Secretary General, Secretary-General’s remarks at press conference launching High-Level Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence

Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Thoughts on the AI Safety Summit company policy requests and responses

The New York Times, Doctors Wrestle With A.I. in Patient Care, Citing Lax Rules 

MIT Technology Review, The inside scoop on watermarking and content authentication       

MIT Technology Review, Humans at the heart of generative AI 

MIT Technology Review, What are the hardest problems in tech we should be more focused on as a society?  

Towards Data Science, Is Generative AI Worth Its Environmental Footprint?

Towards Data Science, How Human Labor Enables Machine Learning 

MIT Technology Review, Why Meta is getting sued over its beauty filters  

WIRED, This AI Bot Fills Out Job Applications for You While You Sleep

The New York Times, Artificial Intelligence War Machines Take Flight

The New York Times, Tech Start-Ups Try to Sell a Cautious Pentagon on A.I.

The Washington Post, Humanoid robots are here, but they’re a little awkward. Do we really need them?

Financial Times, We must stop AI replicating the problems of surveillance capitalism     

The Guardian, How Chinese influencers use AI digital clones of themselves to pump out content  

The Guardian, Model says her face was edited with AI to look white: ‘It’s very dehumanizing’ 

Financial Times, Sunak’s AI summit scores ‘diplomatic coup’ but exposes global tensions

Financial Times, Take a chance on AI, says Abba’s Björn, but protect the musicians

The Washington Post, Poll shows most US adults think AI will add to election misinformation in 2024 

WIRED, Imagine If Joe Biden’s AI Executive Order Were Inspired by ‘The Terminator’

Financial Times, Humanity is out of control, and AI is worried

The New York Times, As a Teen, She Loved Video Games. Now She’s Using A.I. to Try to Quash Malaria.        

WIRED, Joe Biden Wants US Government Algorithms Tested for Potential Harm Against Citizens

The Washington Post, AI generated images are biased, showing the world through stereotypes  

The Guardian, ‘Is this an appropriate use of AI or not?’: teachers say classrooms are now AI testing labs  

The Guardian, ‘A goldmine at our fingertips’: the promise and perils of AI in Africa

Big Brother Watch, The Telegraph – AI is not just a future problem – it’s already eroding our freedoms  

Big Brother Watch, The Guardian – Two-thirds of people on facial recognition watchlist were not wanted for arrest

Big Brother Watch, Evening Standard – Met police use facial recognition surveillance on football fans

The Strategist, The people’s AI will strengthen, not scupper, democracy    

Blog Posts

Barack Obama on Medium, What I’m Reading on the Rise of Artificial Intelligence 

Communications of the ACM, All Photos are Fake Until Proven Real 

Just Security, Biden’s Executive Order on AI Gives Sweeping Mandate to DHS 

The Conversation, Do you trust AI to write the news? It already is – and not without issues 

Policy Papers

UK Government AI Safety Summit, The Bletchley Declaration by Countries Attending the AI Safety Summit 

Academic Literature

*Disclaimer: The following articles, chapters, and books have not been evaluated for their methodology and do not necessarily reflect the views of the AI & Human Right Blog 

R. Michalak, From Ethics to Execution: The Role of Academic Librarians in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy-Making at Colleges and Universities J. M. Schraagen, Responsible use of AI in military systems: Prospects and challenges

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