24 July 2023

Greetings, and happy Monday!

Not feeling well today, so very little chat. But the FT has a graphic explainer on machine learning (or a visual explainer i guess), and the WIRED story on the Battlefield AI company is great.

Other interesting stories with a focus on regulation, including the first Security Council debate on AI.

I’ll leave you with some very chill Floating Points.


WIRED, A Battlefield AI Company Says It’s One of the Good Guys

WIRED, Everyone Wants Ukraine’s Battlefield Data 

Financial Times, The rise of AI forces us to reinterpret our human intelligence

The New York Times, How Do the White House’s A.I. Commitments Stack Up?

The Guardian, ‘An evolution in propaganda’: a digital expert on AI influence in elections | US politics

BBC, Eurostar: Facial verification system to reduce queues at St Pancras – BBC News

BBC, Intel’s deepfake detector tested on real and fake videos – BBC News

The New York Times, U.N. Officials Urge Regulation of AI at Security Council Meeting

The Financial Times, Tech companies to make AI safety and transparency pledges to White House

The Washington Post, Top tech firms sign White House pledge to identify AI-generated images

The Washington Post, Microsoft hack that exposed government emails jeopardized other files

DefenseOne, Pentagon AI more ethical than adversaries’ because of ‘Judeo-Christian society,’ USAF general says (yup, you read that right)

The National Interest, Why America Is Losing the Tech War with China

DefenseOne, As China ramps up military activity, Pentagon looks to accelerate networked warfare tech and exercises

DefenseOne, The Pentagon’s Ambitious AI Plans Look Less and Less Like ChatGPT 

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, USA: Biden administration meets with big AI companies to establish non-binding agreement on safety commitments – Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre,​​UN Special Rapporteur warns about “alarming” misuse of AI to spy journalists & activists

EDRI, Council poised to endorse mass surveillance as official position for CSA Regulation – European Digital Rights (EDRi)


Privacy International, PI’s submission to the Independent Review of the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 

AlgorithmWatch, Peeking into the Black Box

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