17th(ish) July 2023

Greetings all, and apologies for the belated start to the week. Things have been running quite busy recently, and the promptness of the newsletter has suffered.

Some interesting header content this week. There is a pretty good thread on quantum computing here, an ‘all you need to know’ type of thing. I’d also recommend the piece in the FT from a newsletters back, which I thought was an excellent (and really nicely put together) explainer. Speaking of explainers, Ada Lovelace have a handy piece on foundational models (in the reports section below).

As generative AI moves to ever more amazing frontiers, it is now being used in pretty weird adds for pizza.

More seriously, there is a call for funding focused on AI and the Built Environment. It’s a two year fellowship, with a salary approx. £50k. I would love to work with anyone on this, and so if one of you do get this fellowship or know someone who does, I’d love to see if there was scope to collaborate with my project.

Also flagging a paper on human control of AI systems, which I haven’t read yet, but looks interesting, and the Alan Turing Institute have a series on AI that looks like its worth a read.

There is also some good AI governance content, which is handy, as I’m teaching a class on that later this week. If you want to send any other content, by all means do!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week, and for some positivity and calmness, today’s song is ‘The Road Ahead is Golden

See you, hopefully (but by no means guaranteed, its summer) on time, next week!

Israel Using AI Systems to Plan Deadly Military Operations – Bloomberg

DeepMind regulating AI Exploring institutions for global AI governance

Data Revolts Break Out Against A.I. – The New York Times

How to Use Generative AI Tools While Still Protecting Your Privacy | WIRED UK

DeepMind, Developing reliable AI tools for healthcare 

AI News, Assessing the risks of generative AI in the workplace

South China Morning Post, AI-powered brain surgery becomes a reality in Hong Kong after launch from state-run research centre

Wall Street Journal, Your School’s Next Security Guard May Be an AI-Enabled Robot – WSJ

AI News, Beijing publishes its AI governance rules

Science, How do we know how smart AI systems are? | Science

Reuters, AI robots could play future role as companions in care homes | Reuters

Business Insider, Generative AI tools are quickly ‘running out of text’ to train themselves on, UC Berkeley professor warns

The Guardian, Programs to detect AI discriminate against non-native English speakers, shows study | Artificial intelligence (AI) | The Guardian

The Guardian, ‘It was as if my father were actually texting me’: grief in the age of AI | Artificial intelligence (AI) | The Guardian

The Register, Stanford academics develop Street View-to-location AI • The Register (flagging for open source investigations people in particular)

Washington Post, OpenAI strikes deal with AP to pay for using its news in training AI

Washington Post, Artificial intelligence is already changing how teachers teach


Explainer: What is a foundation model? | Ada Lovelace Institute


Andreas Tsamados & Mariarosaria Taddeo, ‘Human control of artificial intelligent systems: a critical review of key challenges and approaches

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