3 July 2023

Greetings all.

Just flagging a couple of interesting reports/stories. Lord Anderson has released his independent review of the Investigatory Powers Act 2016; I haven’t had a chance to read yet but look forward to doing so. WITNESS also have a think piece on using generative AI for human rights advocacy that is worth a read.

Worrying news that the British PM is to replace hospital receptionists with AI systems. Cannot foresee any problems there.

Big Brother Watch also have an interesting update on their complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office regarding private company use of facial recognition.

Today’s song is by James, ‘Getting Away WIth It All‘ cos somedays you just feel like a chancer.

The Register, Adversarial audio samples generated by AI can trick authentication systems

Belgium pitches EU agency to screen algorithms – POLITICO

Robot receptionists to make NHS ‘fit for the future’, Rishi Sunak to announce

Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis Says Its Next Algorithm Will Eclipse ChatGPT | WIRED

European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, Algorithm finds sperm in infertile men faster and more accurately than doctors

AI News, Top 10 emerging AI and ML uses in data centres

New York Times, A.I. May Someday Work Medical Miracles. For Now, It Helps Do Paperwork. – The New York Times

OpenAI’s first global office will be in London

New York Times, Russia Seeds New Surveillance Tech to Squash Ukraine War Dissent – The New York Times

Communications of the ACM (based on NYT story) Barred from Grocery Stores by Facial Recognition

MIT Technology Review, Three things to know about how the US Congress might regulate AI

MIT Technology Review, “Forest bathing” might work in virtual reality too

Towards Data Science, A Gentle Introduction To Generative AI For Beginners

RAILS, New AI Regulation: How Will It Affect Insurance Risk Assessment in the AI Age?

Open Rights Group, Online Safety Bill: Suella Braverman fails to understand encryption risk

OpinioJuris, Human Rights in Digital Health: AI for Good?

Humanitarian Law & Policy Blog, Loitering munitions: flagging an urgent need for legally binding rules for autonomy in weapon systems

Big Brother Watch, Update: Big Brother Watch’s complaint to the ICO on retailer facial recognition

The National Interest


Lord Anderson, Independent Review of the Investigatory Powers Act

EJIL Symposium , Critical International Law & Technology

Using Generative AI for Human Rights Advocacy – WITNESS Blog

Digital Sovereignty, Digital Expansionism, and the Prospects for Global AI Governance

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