26 June 2023

Greetings! A rather delayed and lacklustre start to the newsletter today, after a lot of work and travel.

So, perhaps the most interesting story (at least as an academic) is that Harvard is planning on using a ChatBot to teach an introductory coding course. Warning students (on an introductory course) that the CHatBot may have limitations, doesn’t seem like the best way to address any potential problems?

On a rare potential positives of AI (for this newsletter at least) AI News has a story on a fund for the NHS to invest in AI to assist with diagnosis. Obviously, there is also just a massive need to invest in the NHS itself… but thats a different newsletter I guess. While on health related matters, the Financial Times also has a piece on … human testing of a drug designed by AI. A new frontier.

There are also quite a few stories floating about re Generative AI and sexual abuse, some linked below.

I can’t remember if I included Big Brother Watch’s report on Biometric Britain, and while I know there is a relatively straightforward way of checking, I’m saving myself the hassle and (re?)posting here.

I’m off to see Pulp this weekend, so will sign off with this rather excellent song of theirs.

Have a lovely week.

Financial Times, Biotech begins human trials of drug designed by artificial intelligence

Time, Chuck Schumer Wants AI to Be Explainable. It’s Harder Than It Sounds

Task and Purpose, This flame-throwing robot dog is the stuff of nightmares – Task & Purpose

972 Mag, How AI is intensifying Israel’s bombardments of Gaza

The Guardian, Draft EU plans to allow spying on journalists are dangerous, warn critics | Surveillance | The Guardian

The Independent, Harvard’s new computer science teacher is a chatbot

Towards Data Science, Understanding Bayesian Marketing Mix Modeling: A Deep Dive into Prior Specifications

AI News, NHS receives AI fund to improve healthcare efficiency

AI News,  MosaicML’s latest models outperform GPT-3 with just 30B parameters

Communications of the ACM, Achieving Green AI with Energy-Efficient Deep Learning Using Neuromorphic Computing

Communications of the ACM, Outsmarting Deepfake Video

Communications of the ACM, Two Models of AI Oversight — and How Things Could Go Deeply Wrong

WIRED, Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’ AI Scandal Is Strangely Hopeful

WIRED, Deepfake Porn Reveals a ‘Pervert’s Dilemma’

Washington Post, AI-generated child sex images spawn new nightmare for the web


Big Brother Watch, Biometric Britain 

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