19 June 2023


Big news on bans this week, as the European Parliament votes to (partially) ban AI surveillance tools (in certain circumstances), and Illinois bans police from using facial recognition and drones (in certain circumstances – the imminent escape of a suspect seems quite loose?). It will be interesting to see if the drone ban gives rise to an authorisation mechanism, maybe like OCDA here in the UK.

There is also a really interesting piece on problems linked to training AI models on AI generated content.

Kashmir HIll, who has done incredible work on facial recognition and technology in general, has a new book coming out ‘Your Face Belongs to Us’, now available for pre-order

You may also be interested in watching a talk on AI and Human Rights in the context of Israel’s surveillance of the Palestinians, I haven’t watched it yet, but this follows Amnesty’s report on Automated Apartheid, documenting israel’s use of facial recognition in the west bank – i’m working to insane deadlines at the moment so haven’t had a chance to read this yet either, but am looking forward to it once things calm down. In August

Obviously, the AI news of the week is that the Beatles Will Release One Last Song. It was an old demo that John Lennon recorded on boom box and left in a ‘for Paul’ pile.  AI was used to isolate the instruments, etc, in order to create different tracks, remove noise. Its quite a cool use of the tech, and I guess doesn’t give rise to the same intellectual property concerns as other uses of AI (particularly of voices) in music. Its apparently based on techniques used during the Get Back documentary series, which now allows Paul to play ‘live’ with John on his current tour. The last ‘new’ songs were pretty pants though, so not holding out for ‘A Day in the Life’.

Have a lovely week, couldn’t decide on today’s songs, super funky, or super chill.

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