12 June 2023

Good morning, and happy Monday from an absolutely sweltering London.

I forgot to include quite a few reports over the last few weeks, so at the bottom there are pieces on Human-Machine Interaction, Intelligence Oversight, and Privacy Intrusion and National Security. There is also a follow up to last week’s piece on the virtual ‘killer’ AI system by WIRED, that is worth a read.

There is also a really good piece on Automating Gentrification in Times of Crisis. It ties in with a lot of interesting research not just on proptech-style tools, but also issues to do with the cities of the future that are going to be such a huge focus of work going forward. If memory is right Amnesty had a focus on this at RightsCon last week.

In a new twist, the newsletter is also trialling a dating and beauty section.

Hope you all have a lovely week, and what better way to sign off (and to encourage you to share the newsletter!) than ‘Always on My Mind’ – the Pet Shop Boys version, naturally.


Just Tech, Automating Gentrification in Times of Crisis

WIRED, Why the Story of an AI Drone Trying to Kill Its Operator Seems So True

Defense One, Unmanned Weapons Will Save Innocent Lives in War, Former SOCOM Chief Says
Defense One, NRO, Awash in Satellites and Their Data, Hopes AI Can Help It Cope

Towards Data Science, How I Turned ChatGPT into an SQL-Like Translator for Image and Video Datasets

The Conversation, Foetal alcohol syndrome: facial modelling study explores technology to aid diagnosis

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Shareholders highlight big tech’s need to prioritise human rights

New York Times, Lawyer Who Used ChatGPT Faces Penalty for Made Up Citations

The Washington Post, Kids keep bringing guns to school. Can AI weapons detectors help? 

Communications of the ACM, Drone Taxis Take First Test Spin in Israel

The Washington Post, AI chatbots lose money every time you use them. That’s a problem. – The Washington Post

The Washington Post, Robots are performing eyelash extensions using AI technology – The Washington Post

The Guardian, AI bots chatting up matches on dating apps? This won’t end well

Financial Times, Will generative AI boost productivity?


Alan Turing Institute, Privacy Intrusion and National Security in the Age of AI

Norwegian Parliamentary Oversight Committee, Brief overview of intelligence and security oversight bodies in certain countries

DILEMA, Decision-support systems and human-machine interaction


Fabio Cristiano, Dennis Broeders, François Delerue, Frédérick Douzet, Aude Géry (eds) Artificial Intelligence and International Conflict in Cyberspace (open access)

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