22 May 2023

Good morning, and a happy Monday to ye.

An interesting enough selection of articles this week, with a specific focus on regulating AI. While this is of course good, unfortunately it does show (once again) the outsized influence exercised by white men of a certain age.

There are also a few pieces on facial recognition. The debate here in the UK around police use of the technology does seem to be heating up, amid concerns that current deployments are ‘normalising’ the technology ahead of much more pervasive uses. A concern underlined by the governments push to expand the use of the technology, in marked contrast to the Members’ of the European Parliaments more cautious approach.

Profs. Pete Fussey & William Webster have been commissioned to undertake a report on the proposed abolition of the biometrics and surveillance camera commissioners in the UK (!). There interim report is published at CRISP, with the full report due next month.

I’ve been really unwell for the last while (now recovering!) so this tune seems most appropriate for today…

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Fortifying the Truth in the Age of Synthetic Media and Generative AI, WITNESS

The AI Hype Wall of Shame, Critical AI & DAIR Institute

Facebook Has Crowbarred Open the Pandora’s Box of AI, Experts Warn, The Byte

Dark Web ChatGPT Unleashed: Meet DarkBERT, Tom’s Hardware

A policy agenda for responsible AI progress: Opportunity, Responsibility, Security, Google

Can We Stop Runaway A.I.?, The New Yorker

Beijing launches campaign against AI-generated misinformation, AI News

How do you solve a problem like out-of-control AI?, MIT Technology Review

UK schools ‘bewildered’ by AI and do not trust tech firms, headteachers say, The Guardian

Future Of Autonomous Retail Store, Infosys

The threat of killer robots, UNESCO

Catching bad content in the age of AI, MIT Technology Review

Best practices for governance and new organizational roles for the successful implementation of responsible Artificial Intelligence, UNESCO

The AI revolution already transforming education, Financial Times

Artificial intelligence holds huge promise – and peril. Let’s choose the right path, The Guardian

Elections in UK and US at risk from AI-driven disinformation, say experts, The Guardian

To See One of A.I.’s Greatest Dangers, Look to the Military, The New York Times

Boston Isn’t Afraid of Generative AI, WIRED

AI tools could be used by predators to ‘automate child grooming’, eSafety commissioner warns, The Guardian

As AI changes jobs, Italy is trying to help workers retrain, The Washington Post

AI will test faith in democracy, Tokyo warns, Financial Times

If AI is to become a key tool in education, access has to be equal, The Conversation

In Battle Over A.I., Meta Decides to Give Away Its Crown Jewels, The New York Times

It’s time for us to talk about creating AI-free spaces, The Conversation

Another Side of the A.I. Boom: Detecting What A.I. Makes, The New York Times

China cracks down on AI-generated news anchors, The Register

UK policing minister pushes for greater use of facial recognition, Financial Times

UK’s GDPR replacement could wipe out oversight of live facial recognition, The Register

Don’t use Beyonce to normalise live facial recognition, Open Rights Group

Police to use live facial recognition in Cardiff during Beyoncé concert, The Guardian

Eyes on the poor: Cameras, facial recognition watch over public housing, The Washington Post

TSA tests facial recognition tech at select airports, AP News

The Telegraph – Britain Is Sleepwalking Into A Beijing-Style Surveillance Nightmare, Big Brother Watch

The EU must respect human rights of migrants in the AI Act, EDRi

The G7 Summit is an Opportunity to Tackle AI Regulation, National Interest

Reports and White Papers

A Practical Guide for OSINT Investigators to Combat Disinformation and Fake Reviews Driven by AI (ChatGPT), Nico Dekens, Shadow Dragon

Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, UNESCO

Journal Articles

*Disclaimer: The selected articles were not evaluated for their research methods and do not necessarily reflect the views of the AI & Human Rights Blog. We just thought the titles looked interesting.

Safety, privacy, or both: evaluating citizens’ perspectives around artificial intelligence use by police forces, Yasmine Ezzeddine, Petra Saskia Bayerl and Helen Gibson, Policing & Society 

Hidden humans: exploring perceptions of user-work and training artificial intelligence in Aotearoa New Zealand, Briony Blackmore et al., Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online

Book Reviews

Beyond data: human rights, ethical and social impact assessment in AI by Alessandro Mantelero, Charles D Raab, International Review of Law, Computers & Technology 


Webinar: AI Sandboxes: Striking a balance between regulation and innovation, Council of Europe: On Wednesday 31 May 2023, from 1 to 2pm (CET), the Secretariat of the Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAI) is holding a webinar (hybrid/Zoom + AGORA G02) as a side event of the Sixth Plenary meeting of the CAI. It is thematically linked to the examination of the draft Council of Europe [Framework] Convention on AI, Human rights, Democracy and the Rule of law, which the Committee will discuss during the meeting. The event brings together national and international experts from across the world to discuss the current challenges and opportunities in the field of AI.

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