15 May 2023

Good morning, and happy Monday!

Leading off this week is a really interesting story in Context on ‘Fusus’ a technology which fuses police and private surveillance cameras, with predictive policing technologies, another step towards pervasive surveillance capability that highlights the (urgent) need for regulation. I really don’t think law enforcement has engaged in any serious way with the impact that the removal of anonymity can have on individuals’ lives and democratic processes. Great reporting.

There is also an interesting piece looking at the application of quantum tech to airports. Not AI, but sure we’re pretty loose with the definitions of AI anyways.

You will all also be interested in AI’s next Great Leap Forward, which has kind of gone under the radar a little bit: catgpt.dog

Nicely – as I think this is the weakest part of the newsletter, and something that needs refining – there are a few interesting journal articles at at the bottom.

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Warm wishes to ye all, hope you have a lovely week, and I’ll sign off with some Skatalites, because thats a pretty nice way to ease into a Monday…

Privacy or safety? U.S. brings ‘surveillance city to the suburbs’, Context

People are trying to claim real videos are deepfakes. The courts are not amused, NPR

AI machines aren’t ‘hallucinating’. But their makers are, The Guardian

AI Act — leaving oversight to the techies will not protect rights, EU Observer 

How a quantum computer tackles a surprisingly difficult airport problem, Popular Science

When AI thinks you’re dead, Prospect

Why Conscious AI Is a Bad, Bad Idea, Nautilus

UFO Hunters Built an Open-Source AI System to Scan The Skies, Vice

Wozniak warns AI will power next-gen scams, AI News

DEF CON to set thousands of hackers loose on LLMs, The Register

The Human Side of AI: The Art of Leading AI Teams and Programs, Towards Data Science

Just Wait Until Trump Is a Chatbot, The Atlantic

What are the fairness implications of encoding categorical protected attributes?, Towards Data Science

A Digital Regulator Must Be Empowered to Address AI Issues, Lawfare 

AI Act – The European Way Forward, DLA Piper

We need to prepare for the public safety hazards posed by artificial intelligence, The Conversation

Could AI Help Us Humans Trust Each Other More?, The Washington Post

Beware the ‘bad-ish’ actor when it comes to AI, Financial Times

An influencer’s AI clone will be your girlfriend for $1 a minute, The Washington Post

Ministers not doing enough to control AI, says UK professor, The Guardian

We need AI to help us face the challenges of the future, The Guardian

You’re Probably Underestimating AI Chatbots, WIRED

Banning AI saved humanity in ‘Dune.’ So why can’t this work for us?, The Washington Post

Meet the government robot tracking Romanians’ concerns, Financial Times

I unintentionally created a biased AI algorithm 25 years ago – tech companies are still making the same mistake, The Conversation

MEPs to vote on proposed ban on ‘Big Brother’ AI facial recognition on streets, The Guardian

16 women & non-binary AI experts sound alarms on salient human rights risks that need policymakers’ attention,Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

Big Brother Watch Responds to South Wales Police’s Use of Live Facial Recognition, Big Brother Watch

ChatFished: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People With A.I., The New York Times

Nearly 50 news websites are ‘AI-generated’, a study says. Would I be able to tell?, The Guardian

Google is changing the way we search with AI. It could upend the web., The Washington Post

To understand AI’s problems look at the shortcuts taken to create it, The Conversation

How To Delete Your Data From ChatGPT, WIRED


Decision-Support Systems and Human-Machine Interaction, DILEMA 

Journal Articles

*Disclaimer: The selected articles and chapters were not evaluated for their research methods and do not necessarily reflect the views of the AI & Human Rights Blog

The military application of artificial intelligence technology in the United States, China, and Russia and the implications for global security, L Hunter, C Albert, C Henningan, and J Rutland, Defence & Security Analysis 

Artificial Intelligence in Education: Are we ready?, M Kumar, IETE Technical Review

‘I’ve left enough data’: Relations between people and data and the production of surveillance, H Lee, Big Data & Society

Stepping back from Data and AI for Good – current trends and ways forward, V Aula and J Bowles, Big Data & Society 

Training Is Everything: Artificial Intelligence, Copyright, and Fair Training, A Torrance and B Tomlinson, Dickinson Law Review 

Ethical scaling for content moderation: Extreme speech and the (in)significance of artificial intelligence, S Udupa, A Maronikolakis, and A Wisiorek, Big Data & Society

How to deal with an AI near-miss: Look to the skies, K Shrishak, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 

Six Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Grand Challenges, O Garibay et al., International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction

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