8 May 2023


Following up on last week’s AI meets AI shenanigans, here’s a Gizmodo story outlining the issues, and this VICE piece which has the Amnesty response in more detail.

In somewhat related news, heres a thread on how someone used an AI voice generator to fake Alex Jones, at least well enough to fool Tucker Carlson (I’m not sure how proximate this is to the Turing test). The ability to use quite convincing voice generation tools does maybe underscore how this is likely to be the biggest challenge/threat posed by AI in the short term.

Amnesty also have a big report into Israel’s use of facial recognition in occupied Palestine, which is covered here by the New York Times, with the report also linked below. Am looking forward to reading properly. This maybe one of the few examples outside China where facial recognition and profiling are used to explicitly repress populations, or at least where this has been documented in detail? If you know of others, please do get in touch.

There are also a few stories on the Metropolitan police’s use of facial recognition technology around the coronation, which was made (even more) controversial by the very heavy handed approach to protest and protestors.

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Today’s song could well be by the Sex Pistols, but it seems a bit too obvious, so I’m going with the new single from Four Tet instead 🙂

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Webinar: Chat GPT: Considerations for education in Latin America and the Caribbean, UNESCO, 11 May 2023 12pm Chile time (-4 GMT) 

Webinar: The Admissibility Challenge: AI-Generated Evidence in the Courtroom, UNESCO, 15 June 2023 3pm CET