10 April 2023

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Interestingly, there are a few stories on the regulation of AI this week (I wonder why!?).  Kicking off with the military side of things, OpinioJuris has a post on responsible AI from the recent REAIM conference. One thing that always intrigues me is why there is not a more specific focus on what human rights law has to offer. The law of armed conflict has evident limitations for the regulation of AI, but it is accepted that human rights law continues to apply, and it can offer a lot in terms of regulating the entire A.I. lifecycle (complementing LoAC). As a side note, much of the discussion on military AI seems to focus on very advanced machines (think the terminator) risking insufficient attention to other uses, particularly in an intelligent context (which will obviously inform all aspects of military operations).

There is a really disturbing report that someone took their life on ChatGPTs recommendation, which is a tragedy of itself, but also highlights the risks of using these types of systems for advice. This is picked up by MedCityNews re healthcare advice.  

Quanta magazine has a decent interview on bias, and de-anonymisation.

There are also a few facial recognition stories, following the results of Uk police testing which indicated an absence of bias. Prof Fussey has a thread on potential problems with the study, but beyond algorithmic bias what – I think – is really missing is a discussion on the step change in surveillance capability that facial rec enables (think profiling, tracking, monitoring with minimal police resources) and consideration of the chilling effect of surveillance. What the impact pervasive surveillance might have on society is not a question we should really skip over. (Research underway on both issues)

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Iran installs cameras to find women not wearing hijab, BBC News

‘Responsible AI’ in the Military Domain: Implications for Regulation, Opinio Juris

Why ChatGPT In Healthcare Could Be a Huge Liability, Per One AI Expert, Med City News

The Researcher Who Would Teach Machines to Be Fair, Quanta Magazine

ChatGPT is going to change education, not destroy it, MIT Technology Review

Man ends his life after an AI chatbot ‘encouraged’ him to sacrifice himself to stop climate change, EuroNews

Biden says tech companies must ensure AI products are safe, AP News

Instant Videos Could Represent the Next Leap in A.I. Technology, The New York Times

AI ‘fairness’ research held back by lack of diversity, Nature

We are hurtling toward a glitchy, spammy, scammy, AI-powered internet, MIT Technology Review

UNESCO cooperates with Francophone countries to plan AI and education policies, UNESCO

Council of Europe AI policy framework presented in the Hague, Council of Europe

What About the Robots That Are Already Here? New York City to Begin Enforcement of Artificial Intelligence Applications Related to Applicants and Employees Through the NYC Automated Employment Decision Tools Law on July 5, 2023,Baker Data Counsel 

Making Unilateral Norms for Military AI Multilateral, Lawfare Blog

ChatGPT and the First Amendment: Whose Rights Are We Talking About?, Lawfare Blog

Cybercrime: be careful what you tell your chatbot helper…, The Guardian

Will AI solve my midlife crisis?, Financial Times

Can We No Longer Believe Anything We See?, The New York Times

Meta won’t say if politicians can post AI-made fakes without warnings, The Washington Post

The Guardian view on regulating AI: it won’t wait, so governments can’t, The Guardian

Are chatbots changing the face of religion? Three faith leaders on grappling with AI, The Guardian

OpenAI to offer Remedies to Resolve Italy’s ChatGPT Ban, The Washington Post

In A.I. Race, Microsoft and Google Choose Speed Over Caution, The New York Times

AI Video Generators Are Nearing a Crucial Tipping Point, WIRED

AI Desperately Needs Global Oversight, WIRED

Canada sticks a privacy probe into OpenAI’s ChatGPT, The Register

The AI backlash is here. It’s focused on the wrong things., The Washington Post

Can A.I. and Democracy Fix Each Other?, The New York Times

A Tiny Blog Took on Big Surveillance in China—and Won, WIRED

Universities express doubt over tool to detect AI-powered plagiarism, Financial Times

Facial recognition tech: Liberty ‘police racism’ claim, BBC News

Smile! UK cops reckon they’ve ironed out gremlins with real-time facial recog, The Register

Live facial recognition labelled ‘Orwellian’ as Met police push ahead with use, The Guardian

Clearview AI scraped 30 billion images from Facebook and other social media sites and gave them to cops: it puts everyone into a ‘perpetual police line-up’, Business Insider

Russia uses facial recognition technology from US companies to spy on anti-war protestors, says report, Business Insider

Drivers in Europe net big data rights win against Uber and Ola, Tech Crunch

The Opportunities and Risks of AI in Energy Supply, Algorithm Watch

With Google as My Neighbor, Will There Still Be Water?,Algorithm Watch

AI surveillance rumors: gay adult content creators face sanctions, Algorithm Watch 

The Ethics of Creating A.I.-Generated Images of Public Figures, Smithsonian Magazine

Journal Articles 

*Disclaimer: The selected articles and chapters were not evaluated for their research methods and do not necessarily reflect the views of the AI & Human Rights Blog

Defining the scope of AI regulations, Jonas Schuett, Law, Innovation and Technology


Webinar: ‘AI and Gender: Preventing Bias, Promoting Equality’,Council of Europe, 19 April 2023, 1-2pm CET

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