3 April 2023

Happy Monday from a cafe in the sun in Barcelona.

I’m off this week, so not much chat, but unsurprisingly this week has a heavy focus on AI regulation following Musk et al’s intervention last week, and coinciding with the UK governments white paper on A.I. innovation.

And for no other reason than current mood, I’ll leave you with ‘Just Like Heaven

have a great week, and thanks as ever to Sarah Zarmsky

AI think tank calls GPT-4 a risk to public safety, AI News

Artificial Intelligence Enhances Learning in the Architecture Classroom, GW Today

Elon Musk and Others Call for Pause on A.I., Citing ‘Profound Risks to Society’, The New York Times

UK details ‘pro-innovation’ approach to AI regulation, AI News

Clearview AI used by US police for almost 1M searches, AI News

What if we could just ask AI to be less biased?, MIT Technology Review

Why is it so difficult to successfully get AI technologies adopted into clinical care?, Towards Data Science

Overcoming Automatic Speech Recognition Challenges: The Next Frontier, Towards Data Science

Chinese creators use Midjourney’s AI to generate retro urban “photography”, MIT Technology Review

An early guide to policymaking on generative AI, MIT Technology Review

Artificial Intelligence: UNESCO calls on all Governments to implement Global Ethical Framework without delay,UNESCO

UNESCO launches Women 4 Ethical AI Platform, UNESCO

A Pro-Innovation Approach: UK Government publishes white paper on the future of governance and regulation of artificial intelligence, DLA Piper

AI has much to offer humanity. It could also wreak terrible harm. It must be controlled, The Guardian

We need a much more sophisticated debate about AI, Financial Times

ChatGPT Is Banned in Italy Over Privacy Concerns, The New York Times

Italy bans ChatGPT for ‘unlawful collection of personal data’, The Register

‘Thousands of Dollars for Something I Didn’t Do’, The New York Times

The Pope’s Coat Is Here to Ruin Your Faith, WIRED

AI will soon become impossible for humans to comprehend – the story of neural networks tells us why, The Conversation

A.I., Brain Scans and Cameras: The Spread of Police Surveillance Tech, The New York Times

A Campaign Aide Didn’t Write That Email. A.I. Did., The New York Times

AI can draw hands now. That’s bad news for deep-fakes., The Washington Post

Who’s Using Facial Recognition Technology?, The New York Times

“A culture different than the Western one”: How the Basque police uses an algorithm for gender-based violence, Algorithm Watch

In Germany, a daycare allocation algorithm is separating siblings, Algorithm Watch

Protect My Face: Brussels residents join the fight against biometric mass surveillance, EDRi

Journal Articles

*Disclaimer: The selected articles and chapters were not evaluated for their research methods and do not necessarily reflect the views of the AI & Human Rights Blog

Reversing the threat of artificial intelligence to opportunity: a discussion of ChatGPT in tourism education, L Skavronskaya, A Hadinejad & D Cotterell, Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism

Governing fiduciary relationships or building up a governance model for trust in AI? Review of healthcare as a socio-technical system, M Unver, International Review of Law, Computers & Technology

Mapping the discourse on evidence-based policy, artificial intelligence, and the ethical practice of policy analysis, J Newman and M Mintrom, Journal of European Public Policy

A first critical analysis of the European approach to damage caused by artificial intelligence enabled by global navigation satellite systems. A bridge to nowhere or a cloud with a silver lining?, I Bratu, International Review of Law, Computers & Technology

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