13 February 2023

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Inside Safe City, Moscow’s AI Surveillance Dystopia, WIRED

How Deepfake Videos Are Used to Spread Disinformation, The New York Times

U.S. and EU to launch first-of-its-kind AI agreement, Reuters

Disinformation Researchers Raise Alarms About A.I. Chatbots, The New York Times

Google unveils AI enhancements to Search and Maps, AI News

What Do We Mean When We Talk About “AI Democratisation”?, Centre for the Governance of AI

9 ways AI can interact with culture, The Keyword by Google

To Guarantee Impartial AI Decisions, Lady Justice Needs to Blink, Towards Data Science

EU negotiations on AI systems must #ProtectNotSurveil people on the move, Access Now

AI is eating itself: Bing’s AI quotes COVID disinfo sourced from ChatGPT, Tech Crunch

AI is the next frontier — but for whom?, Tech Crunch

Moonhub wants to transform the way companies find job candidates using AI, Tech Crunch

Expert warns of AI tools’ potential threat to democracy, PBS News Hour

New AI voice-cloning tools ‘add fuel’ to the misinformation fire, The Washington Post

The Generative AI Race Has a Dirty Secret, WIRED

IBM says it’s been running ‘AI supercomputer’ since May but chose now to tell the world, The Register

Artificial? Yes. Intelligent? Maybe. The Great AI Chatbot Race, The Washington Post

ChatGPT threatens language diversity. More needs to be done to protect our differences in the age of AI, The Conversation

Health Care Bias Is Dangerous. But So Are ‘Fairness’ Algorithms, WIRED

‘There is no standard’: investigation finds AI algorithms objectify women’s bodies, The Guardian

US experts warn AI likely to kill off jobs – and widen wealth inequality, The Guardian

The People Onscreen are Fake. The Disinformation is Real., The New York Times

At This School, Computer Science Class Now Includes Critiquing Chatbots, The New York Times

Journal Articles

*Disclaimer: The selected articles and chapters were not evaluated for their research methods and do not necessarily reflect the views of the AI & Human Rights Blog

A Blanket That Leaves the Feet Cold: Exploring the AI Act Safety Framework for Medical AI, Sofia Palmieri and Tom Goffin, European Journal of Health Law

Autonomous force beyond armed conflict, Alexander Blanchard, Minds and Machines

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