AI & Human Rights Newsletter, 28 November 2022

Tanya O’Carrroll’s case against Meta is a highlight this week. With AWO she is bringing the case on the basis of her ‘right to object’ to profiling. The press release is here. There is also this incredible story on San Francisco police’s request to use lethal drones. It doesn’t seem like a great idea. Very much related is this Forbes story on autonomous (or partially autonomous, its not entirely clear how they work) drones developed by Elbit. Suicide drones are about to enter the lexicon? The advertising video is also worth a look if thats your thing.

Thanks as always (even if I don’t always remember) to Sarah Zarmsky, and hope everyone has a nice week.

(P.S. For reading that has absolutely no connection to AI, whatsoever, this article on Desi pubs in the UK is a really enjoyable read.)


‘UK creates £1.5M fund to support carbon-reducing AI projects’, AI News

‘Is Having AI Generate Text Cheating?’, Communications of the ACM

‘We could run out of data to train AI language programs’, MIT Technology Review

‘It’s time to talk about killer robots’, TechCrunch

‘Harvey, which uses AI to answer legal questions, lands cash from OpenAI’, TechCrunch

‘I Spy? COP27 delegates wary of Egyptian surveillance app’, Reuters

‘This Singer Deepfaked Her Own Voice—and Thinks You Should Too’, WIRED

‘Team behind Apple’s Face ID develops tiny robots to deliver drugs into brain’, Financial Times

‘Researchers: AI in connected cars eased rush hour congestion’, The Washington Post

‘India seeks global standards to stop AI harming humanity’, The Register

‘An AI named Cicero can beat humans in Diplomacy, a complex alliance-building game. Here’s why that’s a big deal’,The Conversation

‘Lawsuit Takes Aim at the Way A.I. Is Built’, The New York Times

‘This World Cup is wired and fueled by AI’, The Washington Post

‘What to Know Now That the N.Y.P.D. Is on Amazon’s Neighborhood Watch App’, The New York Times

‘Facial recognition can help conserve seals, scientists say’, AP News

‘Daily mail – government ceases to install Hikvision cameras’, Big Brother Watch

‘The case for collective action against the harms of data-driven technologies’, Ada Lovelace Institute 

‘The EU’s struggle with general-purpose AI: dialogues and debates’, EDRi

‘Sharing pornographic deepfakes to be illegal in England and Wales’, BBC News

Journal Articles

*Disclaimer: The selected articles and chapters were not evaluated for their research methods and do not necessarily reflect the views of the AI & Human Rights Blog

‘AI ethics and data governance in the geospatial domain of Digital Earth’, Marina Micheli, Caroline M Gevaert, and Michele Vespe, Big Data & Society 

‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence, and Domestic Conflict’, Lance Y Hunter, Craig Albert, Josh Rutland and Chris Hennigan, Global Society 

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