Week to 7 November 2022

Greetings. This week I’d like to flag a blast from the past. There have been quite a few stories recently on the adoption of facial recognition technology by private actors in the UK, as well as the purchase of HiKVision cameras by councils (etc.) throughout the country. This research by IPVM on the vulnerabilities of these cameras to hacking, is now a bit out of date, but still hugely relevant. Definitely worth a look. (Quite freaky warning). Amnesty ran a more recent, crowd sourced, mapping of facial recognition cameras in New York, which is also worth a look.

As ever, thanks to Sarah Zarmsky, and if you have suggestions for other sources you think we should include, please do get in touch.


‘We’re Not Using AI to Its Fullest Human Potential’, TIME

‘Meta’s protein-folding AI reminds us it’s not just a metaverse firm’, AI News

‘Scientists Increasingly Can’t Explain How AI Works’, VICE

‘3 ways AI is scaling helpful technologies worldwide’, The Keyword by Google

‘How we’re using AI to help address the climate crisis’, The Keyword by Google

‘Regulating the future: A look at the EU’s plan to reboot product liability rules for AI’, TechCrunch

‘There’s still green in climate robots’, TechCrunch

‘Now anyone can build apps that use DALL-E 2 to generate images’, TechCrunch

‘Smartphone data from drivers could help spot when bridges need urgent repairs’, MIT Technology Review

‘Labrador Systems deploys its first assistive elder-care robots’, TechCrunch

‘Would you pay with your palm?’, MIT Technology Review

‘TikTok’s Greatest Asset Isn’t Its Algorithm—It’s Your Phone’, WIRED

‘Machine-learning systems are problematic. That’s why tech bosses call them ‘AI’’, The Guardian

‘Our Future Artificial Intelligence Overlords Need a Resistance Movement’, Washington Post

‘Worries Grow That TikTok Is New Home for Manipulated Video and Photos’, New York Times

‘Deepfakes are being used for good – here’s how’, The Conversation

‘Elon Musk Has Fired Twitter’s ‘Ethical AI’ Team’, WIRED

Facial recognition: why we shouldn’t ban the police from using it altogether’, The Conversation

‘Soccer Fans, You’re Being Watched’, WIRED

‘UK watchdog warns of emotion-analysis tech risks’, BBC News

‘How Artificial Intelligence Helped Make an Experimental Pop Album’, Smithsonian Magazine

Journal Articles

‘Governing AI – attempting to herd cats? Introduction to the special issue on the governance of artificial intelligence’, Tim Büthe, Christian Djeffal, Christoph Lütge, Sabine Maasen and Nora von Ingersleben-Seip, Journal of European Public Policy

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‘Privacy at risk? Understanding the perceived privacy protection of health code apps in China’, Gejun Huang, An Hu and Wenhong Chen, Big Data & Society

‘The future of the eHighway system: a vision of a sustainable, climate-resilient, and artificially intelligent mega-project’, Regina Linke, Jürgen K Wilke, Özgür Öztürk, Ferdinand Schöpp, and Eva Kassens-Noor, Journal of Mega Infrastructure & Sustainable Development

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