Week to 24 October 2022

Good morning, this week’’s newsletter starts with an article by Lottie Lane in ICLQ which I’ll be making sure to read this week. There are also robot dogs, an interesting piece on robotic kitchens for densely populated areas in lieu of delivery services, and a Guardian story on corporate use of facial recognition (I couldn’t believe it when I saw scanners at the till in Boots a while ago). With a more policy focus there is a MIT Tech Review piece on a ‘bias bounty’ competition to monitor for algorithmic bias, faster, a Conversation piece on using AI for suicide prediction/prevention, and an Ada Lovelace think piece on AI liability issues and the EU liability framework.

Journal Articles

‘Clarifying Human Rights Standards Through Artificial Intelligence Initiatives’, Lottie Lane, International & Comparative Law Quarterly

‘The future of AI and education: Some cautionary notes’, Neil Selwyn, European Journal of Education

NGO Reports

Opinion on the implications of the exclusion from new binding European instruments on the use of AI in military, national security and transnational law enforcement contexts, Douwe Korff, European Center for Not-for-Profit Law 


‘US court upholds ruling that AIs can’t be patent holders’, AI News

‘How AI can help in the fight against breast cancer’, The Keyword by Google

‘Goalkeeping Robot Dog Tends Its Net Like A Pro’, IEEE Spectrum

‘How AI Could Help Preserve Art’, Towards Data Science

‘Jasper’s robots assemble fresh meals for nearby apartment dwellers’, TechCrunch

‘Business racing to use facial recognition technology, raising concerns the law is too slow to catch up’, The Guardian

‘France fines Clearview AI maximum possible for GDPR breaches’, TechCrunch

‘Battlefield Bots’, TechCrunch

‘A bias bounty for AI will help to catch unfair algorithms faster’, MIT Technology Review

‘RIF Robotics powers robots that inspect and organize surgical equipment’, TechCrunch

‘Commentary: Keep facial recognition out of New York schools’, Times Union

‘Adobe’s AI prototype pastes objects into photos while adding realistic lighting and shadows’, TechCrunch

‘Robot dogs, snakes to patrol industrial sites for safety’, The Investor

‘A.I.-Generated Art Is Already Transforming Creative Work’, New York Times

‘Generative A.I. is here. Who should control it?’, New York Times

‘AI could help predict suicides – but rushing the technology could lead to big mistakes’, The Conversation

‘The Best Digital Resources for When Your Pet Runs Away’, WIRED

‘The Bruce Willis Deepfake Is Everyone’s Problem’, WIRED

‘The way ahead on AI liability issues’, Ada Lovelace Institute

‘Civil society responds to the Council of Europe Treaty on AI’, Algorithm Watch

‘US Working on AI to Predict Ukraine’s Ammo and Weapons Needs’, Defense One

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