Week to 3 October 2022


The EU wants to put companies on the hook for harmful AI’, MIT Technology Review

Meta’s new AI can turn text prompts into videos’, MIT Technology Review

‘Amazon has a new plan for its home robot Astro: to guard your life’, MIT Technology Review 

‘Bad robot: Europe plans product liability changes to make it easier to sue AIs’, TechCrunch

‘EverestLabs raises $16.1M for AI that sorts recyclables’, TechCrunch

‘AI is taking over the iconic voice of Darth Vader, with the blessing of James Earl Jones’, TechCrunch

Police Biometrics Under Scrutiny: Identity News Digest’, FindBiometrics 

How Colleges are Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Enrollment and Retention’, Forbes

‘The Problem with Mental Health Bots’, WIRED

‘I Uncovered an Army of Fake Men on Hinge’, WIRED 

‘Can Smartphones Help Predict Suicide?’, New York Times

‘Create surreal Pokémon lookalikes of Jeff Bezos, The Rock and more with AI’, The Washington Post 

‘Europe just might make it easier for people to sue for damage cause by AI tech’, The Register

‘AI-driven justice may be better than none at all’, Financial Times

‘Uncle Sam to unmask anonymous writers using AI’, The Register

‘Save the whales—with, uh, artificial intelligence?’, The Register

‘This Chatbot Aims to Steer People Away from Child Abuse Material’, WIRED

‘My Therapist, The Robot’, New York Times

‘Debate: How to stop our cities from being turned into AI jungles’, The Conversation

‘Avoiding a surveillance society: how better rules can rein in facial recognition tech’, The Conversation

‘Online Safety Bill: Will the Upload Filter Ban Images of Protest?’, Open Rights Group

‘Our statement on the draft AI Act to the German government and public’, Algorithm Watch

‘Scrutinising migration surveillance: Human rights responsibilities of tech companies operating in MENA’, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

How the Army is Building a Fully Autonomous Fighting Force’, National Interest

Journal Articles

‘Imagination, Algorithms and News: Developing AI Literacy for Journalism’, Mark Deuze and Charlie Beckett, Digital Journalism 

Artificial Intelligence in Smart Buildings’, Zheng O’Neill and Jin Wen, Science and Technology for the Built Environment 

‘Humans, Super Humans, and Super Humanoids: Debating Stephen Hawking’s Doomsday AI Forecast’, S Kumar and S Choudhury, AI Ethics 

‘AI ≥ Journalism: How the Chinese Copyright Law Protects Tech Giants’ AI Innovations and Disrupts the Journalistic Institution’, Joanne Kuai, Digital Journalism 

‘Governing artificial intelligence in China and the European Union: Comparing aims and promoting ethical outcomes’, Huw Roberts et al., Information Society

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