Week to 26 September 2022

Book Reviews

‘Digital constitutionalism in Europe: reframing rights and powers in the algorithmic society (Cambridge Studies in European Law and Policy)’, Sümeyye Elif Biber, International Review of Law, Computers & Technology


How AI Could Help Writers Spot Stereotypes’, Maryland Today

This Startup is Using A.I. to Turn Video Security on Its Head’, Inc.com 

‘Can artificial intelligence detect autism doctors miss? US study wants to find out’, The Star

‘Research Shows that Superintelligent AI is Impossible to be Controlled’, Analytics India Magazine 

‘Clearview AI, Used by Police to Find Criminals, Is Now in Public Defenders’ Hands’, The New York Times

Talking to whales: can AI bridge the chasm between our consciousness and other animals?’, The Guardian

Researchers build ML models to forecast food shortages’, The Register

‘Smarter machines risk creating dumber humans’, Financial Times

Face recognition technology for pigs could improve welfare on farms’, New Scientist

‘Cleveland wants to use artificial intelligence to fight illegal dumping’, Cleveland.com

‘Watch this team of drones 3D-print a tower’, MIT Technology Review

‘Police plans for the “future of travel” are for “a future with even more surveillance”’, EDRi

‘Lizard in your luggage? We’re using artificial intelligence to detect wildlife trafficking’, The Conversation

‘Dall-E 2 users to be allowed to upload faces for first time’, The Guardian

This Controversial Artist Matches Influencer Photos with Surveillance Footage’, Smithsonian Magazine

A Ukrainian Teenager Invents a Drone That Can Detect Land Mines’, Smithsonian Magazine

Journal Articles

‘From Negative to Positive Algorithm Rights’, Cary Coglianese and Kat Hefter, UPenn Law School, William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal

‘AI Governance Now: A Multipronged Legal Development Strategy’, Emile Loza de Siles, Fordham Urban Law Journal

Distinguishing two features of accountability for AI technologies’, Zoe Porter et al., Nature Machine Intelligence

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